Advice from a Ranger

from GNP Facebook Page, author unknown

Advice From A Ranger (tr)

Remember to always wear your hat,

take a good honest look at your shoes,

they’ll be your friend for the next sixteen miles,

then repeat after me:

water is life, water is life, water is life,

take a drink even when you’re not thirsty,

and then look around you,

wherever you are,

you are no different,

than the alpine paintbrush or the grizzly bear,

than the aspen, or the mountain goat,

water is life,  repeat after me, water is life,

and then take another drink,

pack a snack, and then pack another,

and then if you’re like me, pack one more,

and make it something nutritious,

something delicious, something to share,

like chocolate covered espresso beans,

or huckleberries, or honey jalapeno jerky,

or whatever makes you smile, makes you go,

one more mile, one step farther,

because you’ll need it here,

this is not a place for the mild at heart,

this is a place for the wild,

say your “Hey Bears!”, respect their “Hey You’s!”,


their baaaa’s, and bleats,  and albeit cute, tiny mews,

share the trail, share the lake, share the road,

and then find a place, wherever you can go,

close your eyes, put your hand to the stone,

take a much needed breath and pay respect,

to those who came before,

your ancients, your elders,

be they stone or cedar, or person,

take another breath, and then one more,

and when you’re ready,

open your eyes, open your eyes, open your eyes,

for this is a place,

to look up,

to look out,

to look down,

and when you are done,

looking up, and out, and down,

then look in, and listen,

and remember:

I’ve said this once,

and I’ll say it again,

this is not a place for the mild at heart,

this is a place for the wild,

look in,

and listen,

you, are no different.

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Author: Chris Rost

Father, Physician Assistant, Adventurer, lover of all things Glacier. Chris is an avid hiker, climber, and backpacker in Glacier National Park. He is a Wilderness Volunteer doing boat patrol, bike patrol and wilderness patrol. He is also a co-author for the guide book series "Climb Glacier National Park" by Blake Passmore. He has climbed about over 100 peaks in the park.

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